Jasna K Kierk on Cons

Kierkegaard on Consumerism consists of three essays about consumerism in the works of the Danish philosopher Sřren Kierkegaard (1813–1855), most notably in his book Repetition (1843). Each of the essays deals with the three stages of life according to Kierkegaard: the aesthetic, the ethical and the religious. There are few books about Kierkegaard and economics, and even fewer on Kierkegaard’s views about consumerism. This book is intended to fulfill that gap. Kierkegaard witnessed the beginnings of modernity and although he did not write about the capitalist issues, his greatest contribution to economics,besides his contributions to human psyche and religion, was his elaboration on the importance of individual choices and decisions, as he strongly disagreed with the modern view that humans crave only agitation and desiring.

Reviewed by: Prof. Dr. Žarko Paić, Prof. Dr. Marija Švajncer
Publishers: Kierkegaard Circle, Trinity College, University of Toronto;
Central European Research Institute Soeren Kierkegaard Ljubljana;
KUD Apokalipsa
Number of pages: 130
Price: 15 CAD, 12 USD, 10 EUR