repetition0001The contemporary human, the mass or herd man, “freely” accepts the (concentration) camp as his life space, bringing him only self-destruction. Whilst our subjective time is being stolen from us, the space of our concealed inwardness loses its place: it becomes “the inacceptable point” with-in the camp: the boredom of everyday and passionless routine. The destruction of the metaphysics of presence is not enough. The fundamental turn must come from the metanoia, from the in-between of blissfulness and madness. The atopos of repetition happens then perhaps on the borders of revelation, and is at the same time is not afraid to reveal itself beyond ontology as existence, which in its own changeability is unchangeable. The single individual’s original space of selfness is dispersed, yet at the same time is also conscience, the place paradoxically hidden in the polemical (and not in philosophizing with a hammer, as Levinas would moralistically reproach yet another Zarathustrian vision preserving the open ambiguity of a concrete otherness contra “lie (mass, herd, pack)”)

Primož Repar

Reviewers: dr. Roman Králik, dr. Marie Roubalová, dr. Gregor Perko
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