Svate dny židovskeho 1The authors of this publication focus their attention primarily  on the area of the Ashkenazi Jews, which is closer to us geographically than the area of the Sephardic (and other) Jews. These other areas are referenced only marginally. We have also chosen to offer a solid, yet not overwhelming amount of information to our readers pertaining to liturgy. Liturgy is subject to change depending on the year's seasons, territory, as well as the customs of the local communities. Thus, we have only focused on the main stream and contents of the most important prayers.

The publication is divided into five main parts. Besides an (1) Introduction and a concise discussion of the authors' goals and methodology, we offer (2) a definition of key terms, (3) we list relevant pri mary sources for examining the holy days of the Jewish calendar, (4) we introduce the Jewish calendar itself and (5) offer some concluding remarks. Individual chapters of this publication have been written on the basis of listed pri mary sources and secondary literature. The titles of the Tanach books are cited in their Hebrew original, which we consider more appropriate given our topic, than to cite them using the "Czech Ecumenical Translation" as has become a common practice today.

Reviewers: Martin Beck Matuštík, Jiří Beneš, Katarina Valčová, Primož Repar

Number of pages: 252
Price: 9 EUR/ 250 Kč